Karen Haid

Knowing the meaning of al dente before it was in vogue, Karen Haid inherited her love of Italy and its traditions from her parents. She went on to study the Italian language and culture at schools in Rome, Florence, Lucca, Sorrento, Taormina and Reggio Calabria, and earned Dante Alighieri Society’s Advanced Certification of mother tongue equivalency, as well as credentials to teach the Italian language and culture from Reggio Calabria’s University for Foreigners. Her first book Calabria: e Other Italy grew out of a four-year immersion, observing, interacting and absorbing the wonders of the society and its traditions. She continues her exploration of the bel paese with Basilicata: Authentic Italy, in which she presents a region of incredible depth and diversity packed into the unassuming instep of the Italian boot. Publisher’s Weekly has praised her work as “an intoxicating blend of humor, joy, and reverence” for the people, their land and culture that she vividly brings to life in her writing. Join the virtual conversation on her blog or travel with her on a tour to Italy! Visit her Calabria website at www.calabriatheotheritaly.com for more information.

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